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My controller displays dE, what does it mean?

DE means the Dead End detection on the controller has shut off the pump. This happens when the controller detects the water flow has been stopped. In normal operation this is most likely due to turning off a pole tap or kinking the hose line as you move between windows.
The controller is designed to detect when water flow has been stopped, so that the controller will stop the pump well before a pressure switch would. The advantage here is that the system is under less pressure reducing the risk of blown connectors or split hose lines.
Also the control is designed to know when the flow has been restored. It does this by carrying out a dead end re-test every 3 seconds. If the flow has been restored, (pole valve opened or kink removed) the controller will turn the pump back on. We have engineered the V11 in a way that even if left in DE for prolonged periods pressure will not build up in your system.
The longest delay between opening a tap and pump restart is three seconds.

DE is also used as an error message so in the event of the control unexpectedly displaying this message please check the following information:
1. Run the pump to bleed any trapped air from the system. Turn the controller up to 99 to increase flow ad force the air out. 
2. Check that the hose has not become disconnected, twisted or blocked.
3. Check that the water tank is not empty.
4. Set the calibration to a slightly higher value.
5. A blockage in the jets, the hose line or pipe work after the pump. To check for a blockage start by removing the brush, does this clear the DE? If not then next disconnect the pole hose and so on you may end up right back at the pump outlet.
6. Stuck non-return valve on a trolley infeed.
There are a number of factors that will affect DE and the length of time it takes the control to DE and stop the pump:
1. Ambient air temperature. The temperature will effect the hose wall stiffness and expansion qualities of the hose. The change to hose wall expansion will effect how long the system takes to pressure up
2. The thickness and stiffness of the hose wall.
3. The size of the hose or microbore.
4. Low Battery voltage.
In our tests we have found that a drop in voltage will slightly increase the dead end detection time but this change is minuscule. Certainly, this tiny increase will not cause any extra wear on the pump, battery or fittings. In addition, remember that as the voltage drops the pump will run slower, dropping flowrates and pressures.
In most cases the controller is reporting a system fault. If having carried out the above checks, the controller is still showing DE then run the auto calibration as calibration may be too low.

I have an analogue controller, what the lights indicate?

Analogue controller uses LEDs to display the following information:
RED LED = PS the pump pressure switch has activated 
BLUE LED = DE the control has detected a dead end 
GREEN LED if Solid battery voltage is 11V or lower. If flashing battery voltage is 10.5V or lower. The pump will be shut down to protect the battery. (Note. The analogue has smart battery management but can not display current voltage).
The Analogue controller has many of the features and self-protection measures also seen in the digital controller. Using only LEDs it is more restricted in what information can be displayed to the user.

Lost my Flowmaster instructions, how do I calibrate the controller?

Ensure that the brush, pole and hoses are connected, any pole valves are open and water is able to flow.
1. Turn the controller on either by pressing the up or down button. Hold the button until the display lights up.
2. Press the up button until the display shows 30 (water flow rate).
3. Press and hold the up and enter buttons together to select calibration.
4. Use the up and down keys to select your chosen value e.g. C50
5. Press the enter button to keep the setting (Set) and exit calibration.
You can also set up the calibration automatically.
Ensure that the brush, pole and hoses are connected, any pole valves are open and water is able to flow.
1. Turn the controller on by pressing either the up or down button. Hold the button until the display lights up.
2. Press the up button until the display shows 30 (water flow rate).
3. Press and hold the up and enter buttons together to select calibration.
4. Press the down button to until you read '0' then press down again to get 'Aut' auto calibration 
5. Press enter to start auto calibration.
NOTE! The display will flash 99, but leave the controller for a few minutes as it is sensing the system default setting.
1. The calibration value will be displayed. e.g. C45
2. Press the enter button to keep the setting (Set) and exit auto calibration.
3. The controller will remember this setting. 
4. Your system is now ready to use.

NOTE! After auto calibration has calculated a value you can still adjust this manually (by pressing up or down) before pressing enter to set the value. Each system will differ slightly so there is no standard auto calibration value. As a general rule you should see a value between 30 and 60, and when working your controller should typically use a flow rate set between 20 and 50.

Some of our happy customers

I would like to say a huge thank you to all at Purefreedom. You fitted me in at short notice and did me proud. Nothing seemed to be too much effort and attention to detal was terrific, including taking me to my digs and pointing me in the direction of the best bar in town! It was worth the trip up from Devon to get some quality work done, thanks again
Fred Still - Still Cleaning
Just a few words on the help I have had from the friendly bunch at Purefreedom, it was many years ago that I travelled from the West Midlands to Grimsby to pick up my water fed pole system. the equipment was patiently explained to me and gave me the confidence to work efficiently with pure water. Be aware is is easy to buy equipment from other so called suppliers but the help and advice given by Purefreedom is second to none, if you would like any more information please contact me.
Dirty Marks -
I would like to say a big thank you to everybody at Purefreedom, your company has helped me grow my business from the day I had my system fitted. I was just a traditional window cleaner when I went self employed, after one year I invested in the poles. this company talked me through everything i needed to get, not knowing a thing about reverse osmosis they were there for me helping and advising throughout the months. If you are thinking of going into pure water you would be daft not to contact these guys first. They will save you money, you will have the best kit. from the girls at reception, Michelle and Wendy (who by the way no more about water than window cleaners), to the tecks putting all the kit together, but most importantly the fitters.

A couple of months ago some idiot pulled in front of my van, I hit him at 60mph, full tank of water and it it was not for the fitters bolting the frame in how they do I would have been dead.
Tim Pilkington - The Window Cleaner
Hi, just a quick note to say how happy I am with your company. I deal with a lot of different firms as part of running my business and I can honestly say yours is the friendliest, easiest, company to deal with, from sales to technical. Deliveries are very quick, prices very reasonable, sales staff easy to talk to and technical people who know what they're talking about. If all companies operated this way my job would be a lot easier! All the best.
Thank you to all the team at Pure Freedom for helping me make my transition of 17 years traditional window cleaning to WFP. I found your advice and experience invaluable and it gave me the confidence I needed to procede. Andrew Bramley gave me all the information I required, with no hard sell tactics, just genuine guidance. Pure Freedom designed a system to reflect all of my personal requirements which was built to a high standard and was cost effective. I also received excellent training and advice from Bryan Spink on how to use the system.
Andrew Dimmock -
"We invested in a Pure Freedom pure water window cleaning system for our established window cleaning business that had up until that point been cleaned traditionally. From our first enquiry through specification and to delivery Pure Freedom did not disappoint and installed us with absolute confidence in their technical and engineering excellence. Having used the system solidly for six months now it has lived up to and surpassed expectation. The system is built to an excellent standard - the build quality is truly superb and the system is easy to maintain too. Our customers have been thrilled with the pure water technology as well which is most important! The window cleaning quality the Pure Freedom system carries out is first class and we have some very exacting clients. The training provided was great and everyone at Pure Freedom was so professional and friendly to deal with we can't recommend them enough.
Peter Lyons - Bygrace Cleaning
Had severe problems with my 300gpd RO. Spent a good hour and a half on the phone with them, and we managed to get the membranes working correctly. Tremendous job, tremendous people. One very happy customer. Thank you.
Mike - All Glass-Norwich
I just wanted to thank you and all your staff at Adepta. I am very happy with the installation of my van system and the extra effort you put in to finish in time for me to get my ferry.
John D'Rozario -
Just a big thank you to all of you at Adepta Engineering for your help and advice with the installation of my bespoke 1000 litre system. I am thrilled to bits with it and cannot sing your praises highly enough. As I mentioned to you when I came up, being new to the industry it was all a bit daunting at first as I had done so much research on the internet regarding the purchase of a pure water system that information overload had begun to set in. I had read really positive things about you as a company on various window cleaning forums and so gave you a call. I was really impressed with the level of friendly yet professional and informative advice I initially received and which carried on throughout the whole process. With your help and guidance I was able to have my own bespoke system supplied and fitted with out the unnecessary add-ons helping to keep my price within my set budget. From the moment I arrived at your factory it was evident that you and all your team from the fitting to the sales staff had my best interests at heart and I thank you all for your warm friendly welcome. You also arranged half a day window cleaning with a Mr Brian Spink a local window cleaner with many years experience; What a TOP MAN!!!! His help and advice will stand me in good stead for many years. I have been using my new Pure Freedom system now for 3 weeks and am so pleased with my new purchase. No teething problems yet but I know that wouldn't be a problem even if they did occur as I know you guys base your business on the good old fashioned values of good customer service and satisfaction. I am pleased I made the decision to make the journey and visit you guys. Thanks again Adepta Team and please feel free to use me as a reference if you need to!! Kind Regards, Simon Long Proprietor Exterior Cleaning Solutions www.exteriorcleaners.co.uk
Simon Long - Exterior Cleaning Solutions
Just a quick e mail to say how delighted I am with my RO unit - absolutely amazing!!! I am making about 1800 litres of pure a day. The RO is running at about 55% pure 45% waste … Once again can’t tell you how pleased I am.
Dave - Pole Position Cleaning
I would just like to say what a pleasure it was coming down to your offices and meeting the team. I would recommend you to anyone who is thinking of getting into the business.
Kevin H -
I had a 650L, twin operator system installed in January 2010 and I cannot recommend the product or service enough. Very friendly guys who answered every question I had … The installation itself was top notch and all components are the best … The system has all run perfectly since and they've been on hand to answer any of my questions post install. Overall, for me I can't see any point in spending thousands more when this does it all PERFECTLY.
Rick Waites - Cleaning Monkey
Thank you very much for my new trolley. I do appreciate the speed and excellent customer service you have given me over the years.
Andrew Lyttle -
Thank you ever so much for the time and effort that you and your team have put in on helping us get our WFP system set up.b If you are ever asked for references from future potential customers please feel free to supply them my mobile number and I would be more than happy to recommend your company.
Neil Bovey - Totus Cleaning Services
Just a massive thank you to the team for my static and van set up, oh and the aftersales service; 4 months on and fully prepared to talk for as long as it takes - unbelievable service - 5* I cannot thank you all enough!!
David Garret -